Trivia Fight: Quiz Game är frågesport med en liten tvist. Du kan utmana andra på dueller – vänner och familjen.

Du måste behärska engelska ska tilläggas – spelet finns bara på det språket.

Gratis idag 13/9-2020

The most immersive trivia game you’ll ever play… Try not to get addicted!

Trivia Fight is a one of a kind social trivia app that allows you to challenge your family and friends to a battle of wits.

Invite your family and friends, choose a character, select between 50 popular topics and fight to the finish in this battle of intellectual supremacy.

Or you can get some quick fights in – and earn coins and points – by challenging the friendly (or not-so-friendly) “Robot Joe” who’s available in 3 different difficulties.

In Trivia Fight, the experience is totally unique, thrilling, and engaging! The mix of physical combat and trivia will keep you at the edge of your seat as you and your friends battle away to show who’s smarter.

Unlike your regular trivia game where you simply select answers and see if you’re correct or not as you play, in Trivia Fight, you get to take jabs at your opponent in a round of seven. It’s nothing like you’ve ever seen.

Each round contains 7 questions. At the end of each round, both opponents will step into the arena and fight it out.

The player with the highest number of correct answers will throw more jabs and win the bout. There’s no better way to train your brain and get entertained at the same time.

Apart from the seamless blend of trivia and entertainment there’s a the massive library of interesting quiz categories you can choose from. And once you’ve kicked ass, you can brag about it in the chat.

How about challenging your bestie to a trivia fight and walk away with full bragging rights as your bestie’s character bites the dust in defeat?

Or how about challenging that smug co-worker and finally show him who’s boss?

Here’s a peek into some of the exciting categories within Trivia Fight:

– Movies

– Music

– TV Shows

– Sports

– Lifestyle

– Entertainment

Within these categories, you’ll find trendy topics such as:

– Current Music, Rock & Roll, Pop

– Music from various decades (the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and so on)

– Movies (Star Wars, Disney Favorites, Harry Potter, Batman, The Avengers)

– TV Shows (Friends, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad, South Park, Walking Dead, Family Guy and more)

– Sports (Basketball, Baseball, Golf and more)

– Fashion

– Health & Beauty

– Video Games

If you are and your friends are quite the nerds, we’ve also got great stuff for you all in:

– Physics

– Chemistry

– Biology

– Medicine

– Human body

=== How to play ===

Select a topic, select your friend and start hitting the right answer buttons! Once your opponent has done the same, brace yourself and follow the results as the characters fight it out.

You earn coins as you play, which you can use for 50/50 bailouts and time extensions. You also win league points at the end of each bout, which allows you to climb up a leaderboard.

On the leaderboard, you can see how you rank against other contenders within your circle of friends, country or the world. Play to climb the ranks and beat your friends and relatives.

=== Top Features ===

– INVITE and play against your family and friends or Robot Joe

– CHAT FEATURE allows you to have real-time conversations with your friends in between your fights

– UNIQUE CATEGORIES with fun and entertaining questions

– EXCITING CHARACTERS to choose from to personalize your gameplay

– LEADERBOARD lights up the competition as you race to rank above your friends and other players from around the world

Okay, that’s enough spoilers…

Join your friends and a growing community of fun-seeking people from around the world to learn and grow intellectually, while having massive fun.

Download it now – and let your friends know who’s boss!

Trivia Fight: Quiz Game

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