Sprites Pencil är en app för att rita med sprites – du vet den den där pixliga stilen och grafiken.

Appen är gratis 21/9-2020

Sprite Pencil is the fastest and easiest way to create and edit sprites and pixel art on the go. Sprite Pencil is easy to learn, and allows you to open and edit pixel art image files you may already have on your device.


• Choose pixel art from your device or iCloud.

• Quickly create new pixel art.

• Apple Pencil support.

• Manage your pixel art with folders.

• Choose from different color palettes.

• Per pixel pencil and eraser.

• Move, rotate, flip, and fill sprites.

• Single-color and automatic-color outlines.

• Add shading to your sprite without ever having to pick colors.

• Share your pixel art and choose the scale.

• Create pixel art stickers in the iMessage app.

Sprites Pencil

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