A team of security researchers has found Bing user data exposed on a server owned by Microsoft. The data comes from both iOS and Android versions of the Bing app. The data exposed includes unique user IDs, search queries, location, and even webpages visited as a result of searches …

Security site WizCase made the discovery. It says the database was originally password-protected, but was left unprotected between September 10 and September 16.

The WizCase online security team, led by white hat hacker Ata Hakcil, uncovered a massive data leak in a server owned by Microsoft logging data related to its Bing mobile app, available in both Google Play and App Store.

After the investigation led to the Microsoft Bing App, Hakcil confirmed his findings by downloading the app and running a search for “Wizcase.” While looking through the server, he found his information, including search queries, device details, and GPS coordinates, proving the exposed data comes directly from the Bing mobile app.

Källa: Bing user data exposed – includes location, search terms, sites visited – 9to5Mac

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