blankA doctored video making it appear that Nancy Pelosi is slurring her words gained popularity on Facebook. The company labeled it as ‘partly false.’

The video, which was first flagged by CNN, shows the California lawmaker speaking at a press conference. It is altered to make it appear like Pelosi is slurring her words and struggling to answer questions.

Since being posted on Thursday last week, the video had been viewed 2.4 million times. It appears to have been posted on Facebook after originally appearing on TikTok. The account on TikTok that posted the video is no longer active.

The video is similar to one in May last year that also was altered to make it appear that Pelosi was drunk. That video had also been viewed millions of times.

The new video now has a “partly false information” label attached to it that users have to click through before being able to see the video.

Källa: Facebook debunked a ‘drunk’ Nancy Pelosi video. It still got 2.4 million views

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