Australia and the UK have opened a joint investigation into Clearview AI. Specifically, the regulatory bodies are concerned with Clearview’s practice of using “scraped” data and biometrics.

The two countries aren’t the first to question Clearview AI, the company behind the controversial facial recognition program. Clearview AI claims to have a database with three billion images gathered from the open web. It offers that database to law enforcement, supposedly so they can identify criminals and victims. But the practice raises some obvious privacy concerns.

TwitterGoogle and YouTube have all sent Clearview AI cease-and-desist letters, alleging that Clearview violates their terms of service. Facebook and Venmo also demanded Clearview stop scraping their data. The ACLU rejected Clearview’s claim that its tech is “100% accurate,” and it recently sued the company for allegedly violating an Illinois state law.

Källa: Australia and the UK open joint investigation of Clearview AI

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