In a new WWDC session video today, Apple has elaborated on the system architecture of the forthcoming Apple Silicon Mac transition. Notably, this will mean a few changes to the experience, including a new macOS Recovery options screen, as well as the deprecation of Target Disk Mode.

Currently, you can access a variety of macOS Recovery features at boot-up, but each one requires a different key combination. As detailed by Jason Snell at Six Colors, you can hold Command-R for Recovery mode, or erase NVRAM by holding Option–Command–P–R. Starting with Apple Silicon-powered Macs, however, Apple is simplifying this process.

In a WWDC session titled “Explore the New System Architecture of Apple Silicon Macs,” Apple explained that you’ll be able to access macOS Recovery options simply by holding down the power button when you boot up your Mac. As you can see in the above image, this will present a screen allowing you to access additional macOS Recovery options, boot as normal, shut down, and restart.

Källa: Apple Silicon Macs will offer new macOS Recovery options, replace Target Disk Mode with Sharing Mode – 9to5Mac

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