Rumors are running wild about a reward some players are receiving for completing their National Pokédex on the new cloud-based service, Pokémon HOMEReddit user, Scootio reports having received Magearna at level ten with an unusual amount of ribbons. Another Reddit user, DSDark11 reported in a post that has since been removed having not only received Magearna for completing their National Pokédex, but that their Magearna was in a special, previously unreleased color. Currently, neither Nintendo nor The Pokémon Company has made an official statement confirming these reports. Whether a glitch, a hoax, or an official reward, completing the National Pokédex requires transferring nearly 900 different Pokémon species into Pokémon HOME, many of which have only been available through special, limited time events, so it is unlikely that most players will be receiving this particular reward.

Källa: Possibly a glitch or a hoax – Players reporting this Mythical reward!

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