littleDarkr är ett program, gratis, som du kan använda för att skapa ett Dark Mode även i äldre versioner av macOS.

Little Darkr brings a system-wide dark-mode to Macs (prior to Mojave: esp. macOS X 10.13). With Little Darkrs ‘owl’, you can easily switch not only your dock/menubar, but all your windows appearance to dark: through two simple switches (owls eyes). You could even tell your owl your wish for the exact times of your systemwide dark- and light-mode. an additional slider enables you to greatly reduce all macOS-animations to an absolute minimum – and gain more concentration. It is ideally suited for power-users (less distracting eye-candy).

  • owl in your menubar, enables:
  • left eye: toggle dark *windows*-color (and back to usual)
  • right eye: toggle dark *menubar- / dock*-color (and back to usual)
  • two clock-sliders to program your dark/light-clock.
  • Attention-Slider: disable and enable MacOS-Animations.
  • Prefs: autostart app at login; make owl moveable; (test) enable ‘nightfall’-animation.

    What’s new in littleDarkr


    Version 3.0a:

    • mic-button; wide ui-simplification, code-slimming, reduced memory-usage & bugfixes (alpha).

    Requirements for littleDarkr

    • Intel 64
    • OS X 10.11.0 or later


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