President Donald Trump regularly references supposed conversations he has with friends and acquaintances to illustrate his points at rallies. Probably the most infamous example is his supposed friend Jim, who no longer visits Paris yearly like he once did because “Paris is no longer Paris.” Recently he started telling a story about a conversation with a Jewish friend, except the Jewish friend in question keeps changing. The Washington Post points out that in recent weeks Trump has told a nearly identical anecdote that serves to celebrate his termination of the Iran nuclear deal at least four times. And each time the person who he refers to is different, including one time when he told the same story twice on the same day.

The first time the story seems to have been told was in September, when Trump was much more general and referred to having a conversation with “people,” without naming anyone in particular. “I said to people, what is more important, the Golan Heights or the capital of Jerusalem by moving our embassy there,” Trump said. “He said, neither sir, what you’ve done in Iran is more important,” the president added, seemingly changing his “people” to a man in one breath.

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