Apple is developing a new version of its popular Powerbeats earbuds with support for Hey Siri. Evidence found within iOS 13.3, whoch was released to the public today, indicates that “Powerbeats4” are likely coming soon.

Strings found within iOS 13.3 explain that you will be able to talk to Siri using the Powerbeats4 by simply saying the “Hey Siri” trigger phrase. This also means that they will likely use Apple’s proprietary H1 chip for connectivity. Apple says that its H1 chip allows for seamless connectivity with different devices, improved battery life, and more.

With Apple’s H1 chip, Powerbeats4 would also likely support the “Announce Messages with Siri” feature introduced in iOS 13.2. This feature allows Siri to read out messages to you with having you unlock your iPhone.

Källa: Apple preparing new ‘Powerbeats4’ headphones with ‘Hey Siri’- 9to5Mac

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