Despite loudly criticizing the closed-doors secrecy of the impeachment inquiry, Senate Republicans widely say they will not watch the public hearings next week.

Some said they would be too busy, others cited a lack of faith in the inquiry itself. Sen. Richard Shelby argued it would be inappropriate to watch the hearings since impeachment will likely lead to a trial before the Senate.

“I wouldn’t want to see that,” he said of the hearings. “That wouldn’t affect me at all.”

For weeks, the GOP’s main line of attack focused on the House Intelligence Committee holding secret meetings which the public and Trump’s own lawyers could not watch. (That escalated when House Republicans stormed into the classified briefing roomwhere the impeachment investigation is happening.) But as Democrats have started to open up and make the inquiry public, Republicans have struggled to switch from talking about process to talking about the substance of the allegations — that President Donald Trump asked the Ukrainian president for help digging up dirt on his political rivals in exchange for military aid.

Källa: Republicans Railed Against Secret Impeachment Hearings, But Now Say They Won’t Watch The Public Ones

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