Idag är det dags – ett globalt event för dig som löpt biljett till Colossal Discovery. Här är frågorna och de uppgifter du ska lösa för att kunna fånga Regigas.

Dagen handlar om olika uppgifter som du ska lösa och du behöver inte stressa – du kan lösa dem senare, efter denna dag om du vill.

Uppgift 1:

Hey there, %PLAYERNAME%. Good to see you again. Your research inspired me to do some more research of my own, and I think I’ve come across something…groundbreaking.
I was investigating the digging patterns of Diglett, and I wound up heading deep into a cave. Inside, I came across some unusual markings carved heavily into the cavern walls.  At first, I thought them to be random, but then I realized the carvings formed four unique patterns, each consisting of seven circles. These patterns look incredibly familiar, and I think we need to take a closer look at some Pokémon in particular.

Can I count on you to help me research some Rock-type Pokémon? I have a hunch that this will lead us to our first clue.

  1. Fånga Regice, Regirock eller en Registeel (raid) – 3000 XP
  2. Fånga 7 “Rock” Pokémons – Cranidos
  3. Utveckla 7 “Rock” Pokémons – Tyranitar

Belöning: 3x Golden Razz Berry, 3000 Stardust och 10x Great Ball

Uppgift 2:

Simply amazing! The pattern on the Regirock you caught matches perfectly with the first pattern of carvings on the cave walls. This leads me to believe we should move our investigation to Ice-type Pokémon. I wonder if we’ll find another Pokémon that will help us solve this puzzle.

I have one in mind, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself! I’m sure with the help of an accomplished Trainer such as yourself, we’ll be on our way to figuring this out in no time.

  1. Fånga Regice, Regirock eller en Registeel (raid) – 3000 XP
  2. Fånga 7 “Ice” Pokémons – Lapras
  3. Utveckla 7 “Ice” Pokémons – Abomasnow

Belöning: Unova Stone, 3000 Stardust och 1x Star Piece

Uppgift 3:

As expected, Regice clearly has similar markings to the second carving I found in the cave.
I remember an ancient legend that told a story about a Colossal Pokémon. It’s said that it made Pokémon that looked like itself from a special ice mountain, rocks, and magma.

Could it be these Pokémon these patterns originate from? This is starting to get exciting, isn’t it? If the first two Pokémon were Regirock and Regice…then there’s only one left that we must research further.

  1. Fånga Regice, Regirock eller en Registeel (raid) – 3000 XP
  2. Fånga 7 “Steel” Pokémons – Shieldon
  3. Utveckla 7 “Steel” Pokémons – Steelix

Belöning: Regigigas Encounter, 10x Regigigas Candy, Exclusive Pose

Uppgift 4:

Excellent work. I believe we’re going in the right direction. This could only mean one thing, %PLAYERNAME%. We’re close to coming across the Legendary Pokémon Regigigas! According to legend, this Pokémon towed continents with rope.

Maybe it can help move my research lab next time it gets stuck. Hahaha! Anyway…I have a feeling that once you fully document these amazing creatures, you’ll make a colossal discovery of your own.

  1. Ta ett “snapshot” av Registeel
  2. Ta ett “snapshot” av Regice
  3. Te ett “snapshot” av Regirock

Belöning: Regigas

Start: 11.00
Pågår till: 19.00

Du köper en biljett om kostar 99 kronor i appen.

Ut och jaga nu!

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