Det amerikanska företaget Palo Alto Networks pekar ut en 18-årig svensk som ansvarig till att ha utvecklat och sålt ett RAT (Remote Access Tool), ett program som kan användas för att fjärrstyra datorer. Enligt Palo Alto Networks så har verktyget använts vid över 2 200 attacker.

Verktyget marknadsförs via en hemsida, en webbplats där licenser även säljs:

“Black Remote Controller PRO is a powerful and full featured systems remote admnistration suite. It will give you full access and control over a remote machine through a countless number of features, giving you the ability to monitor, access or manipulate every activity and data remotely, just like you are in front of it!”

Enligt Palo Alto Networks så har verktyget använts vid ett stort antal attacker riktade mot deras kunder.

While researching prevalent commodity Remote Access Tools (RATs), Unit 42 researchers discovered a new, undocumented RAT in September, which had almost 50 samples observed in more than 2,200 attack sessions within the first month it was sold. In this report, we document the RAT manager/builder, client malware, and profile the Swedish actor behind this together with his promotion and sale of his malware. We also document this RAT already being used in malicious attacks in the wild.

Palo Alto Networks

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