Nintendo fortsätter att sälja bra av Nintendo Switch. Nu meddelar Nintendo att de har sålt 41.67 miljoner enheter varav 1.95 miljoner är nya Nintendo Switch Lite.

Nintendo Switch har dock en bit kvar till Nintendo Wii (10.63), SNES (49.10) och NES (61.91) – siffrorna i parantes är antalet miljoner sålda enheter.

Nintendo’s operating profit saw a massive jump during its second quarter as Switch sales continue their momentum. The company reported an operating profit of 94,222 million yen ($871.18 million) for the first six months of the fiscal year. That is up 53.4% year-over-year. Net sales, meanwhile, were 443,967 million yen ($4.1 billion). That is up 14.2% over the same period in the previous period.

Over the previous two quarters, Nintendo sold 4.98 million Switch systems and 1.95 million Switch Lite devices. Nintendo chief executive Shuntaro Furukawa is still expecting to sell 18 million Switch systems for the year.

These hardware sales keep the Switch on a breakneck pace. It has already outsold the Nintendo 64 and Wii U. And Switch should surpass the Super Nintendo’s worldwide hardware sales of 49.1 million by this holiday or soon after. If the Switch continues to sell at this rate, it should also easily catch up to Game Boy Advance and Nintendo 3DS.



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