Amaze Ball 3d – Fly and Dodge är ett spel med bollar som du ska hoppa undan, fly undan för att ta dig vidare.

Gratis idag 9/10

Fastest hyper casual runner With colorful Setting and addictive gameplay is here for you.

Game Features

Easy to learn but hard to master

Simple touch controls. Just touch and move your finger on screen to control the player right or left.

Avoid the coming black of everything except the magic rings that will reward you with points.

Constantly changing colorful setting that will pump you up during gameplay.

Wonderful soundtrack with three different selections to select to.

Just select your music by touching the record icons put on your earphones and play to the rhythm.

One touch game controls make it easy to play your game at every location including publi transports such as subways, buses etc.

Just enjoy the game! Thank you!

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