For anyone who is currently a part of Spotify’s Premium Family Plan, you are going to have to make peace with sharing your location with the company. Reported by CNET, Spotify has added a new addition to its terms and conditions for its Family Plan that requires anyone using the service to occasionally share their location data.

The Spotify Premium Family Plan is incredibly popular. It offers families up to six accounts under one plan for a single price of $14.99 a month, similar to Apple Music’s family plan in that each person gets their own account with their own saved library and personalized playlists and music suggestions. It is a great offer that, unfortunately, also comes with some abuse. As we all know, subscription services that offer multiple users can be abused by sharing service with friends, colleagues, and family members who don’t actually live in the same area as the person with the plan.

Källa: Spotify now requiring Family Plan customers to share location data

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