Back in November of 2016, Apple released the ‘Designed By Apple In California’ book, which highlights its storied design history. Sometime recently, however, Apple has removed the book from its online store in the United States.

Apple still has a page on its website dedicated to ‘Designed By Apple In California,’ but the link to purchase the book now leads you to an error page. The text on that webpage invites users to buy the book, even though it’s seemingly no longer available.

The removal of the listing comes following an extended period of unavailability for the ‘Designed By Apple In California’ book in the United States. Now that the listing has been completely removed, however, we can infer that Apple doesn’t have any plans on replenishing that stock. It’s possible that Apple printed a certain number of the books and has since run out of stock.

Källa: Apple removes ’Designed by Apple in California’ from store – 9to5Mac

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