Apple’s health team has seen a slew of departures in the past year after a series of leadership changes and internal disagreements about direction.

Tension has been increasing within the team in recent months, according to eight people familiar with the situation, although that undercurrent started several years ago. Some employees have become disillusioned with the group’s culture, where some have thrived while others feel sidelined and unable to move their ideas forward, the people said.

Four of the eight people said some employees hoped to tackle bigger challenges in the health-care system, such as medical devices, telemedicine and health payments. Instead the focus has been on features geared to a broad population of healthy users.

The eight people requested to remain unnamed as they were not authorized to speak about Apple’s health efforts or its departures. They said health does remain a strategic priority for Apple.

Källa: Apple health team faces departures as tensions rise over differing visions for the future