A bug in an obscure legacy Windows protocol can lead to serious real-world privilege-escalation attacks.

A 20-year-old vulnerability present in all versions of Microsoft Windows could allow a non-privileged user to run code that will give him or her full SYSTEM privileges on a target machine. The bug is notable because of where it resides: In a legacy, omnipresent protocol named Microsoft CTF.

First reported by Tavis Ormandy at Google Project Zero, the bug (CVE-2019-1162) is tracked by Microsoft as an APLC flaw with a severity level of “important.” Ormandy responsibly reported his findings to Microsoft in mid-May, and he released the details to the public this week, prior to the software giant’s Patch Tuesday update, after Microsoft failed to address the issue within 90 days of being notified.

Källa: 20-Year-Old Bug in Legacy Microsoft Code Plagues All Windows Users

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