One of the big announcements from WWDC 2019 was the “Sign in with Apple” privacy-focused login system for applications. The button offers Apple ID single-sign-on functionality similar to sign-in options from Facebook or Google. Apple is promoting this feature as a privacy-secure sign-in option. Users select what information to share with the app developer. You can share your real email address with the third-party app, or use the ‘hide my email’ option. In the latter case, the app would only see a randomized anonymous email address. You can also remove the anonymous email address at any time.

When I was listening to the introduction of this feature, I immediately thought back to the D8 conference where Steve Jobs discussed Apple’s approach to privacy. In the interview, he spoke specifically about location tracking.

Källa: Sign in with Apple is Apple fighting for user privacy, even if users don’t care- 9to5Mac

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