If you were wondering what the short-term cost of America’s war with Huawei was, then your estimates can begin at the $30 billion mark. That’s the figure Huawei chief Ren Zhengfei mentioned earlier today when discussing the hit his company will take in the next two years. Since Huawei is being hounded out of both the network and smartphonebusinesses, you can expect that figure to keep going up.

Zhengfei made the announcement at an event laid on by Huawei, titled ”A Coffee with Ren,” featuring MIT Media Lab co-founder Nicholas Negropronte. The creator of the One Laptop Per Child association said that the current attack on Huawei is going to be harmful to the open flow of information. Zhengfei also invited controversial right-wing investor George Gilder to the stage, who is also against the ban.

Källa: Huawei’s US ban may cost $30 billion, but it vows to rebound