Dot Collector är ett enkelt spel för de yngre spelarna

Gratis idag 16/3.

Every kid enjoys collecting things. In this colorful collection game children grab dots as they bounce around the screen and gather them up. It’s a game that will hold a child’s attention. Tap and drag the dots and collect as many as you can. Intuitive controls and simple animations makes this game perfect for infants!

“I like Dot Collector because my caseload of visually impaired students also have multiple challenges and the settings are great because I can differentiate. The settings allow me to enlarge the dots, decrease the number of dots presented at a time and slow the movement considerably so my students can visually track them as well as try to collect them.”

– Fgf

“My two kids really enjoy playing this together. It’s fun how you can use all your fingers to grab the dots.”



● Vibrant, Visually Stimulating Colors

● Musical Sounds

● Smooth Animations

● iPad and Retina Display Support

● No Ads! Perfect for infants!


Tap the dots and drag them into the hole. More dots will appear for after you collect them all.

Ellies Games: Using vivid colors for a brighter tomorrow.

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Dot Collector

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