Only a week ago, the Russian government voted preliminarily on a bill to outlaw fake news. Now, Russian media are implicating Google in federal efforts to censor the Russian internet: On Feb. 7, Russian news outlet Vedomosti reported that Google has removed links to websites banned in Russia from the search results. Various Russian media sites report Google has removed from its search results more than 70 percent of links banned by Russia’s media watchdog, Roskomnadzor. But whether that’s true is unclear right now.

The new development is part of an ongoing saga. Beginning in 2017, Roskomnadzor asked search engines to filter results to exclude sites on a ban list. Sites can be included in that registry if they are extremist, glorify suicide, advertise drugs or gambling without a license, contain pornography, or display pirated content.

Källa: Russian Media Reports That Google Is Removing Banned Sites From Search