Satanister har stämt Netflix för användandet av en staty i tv-serien Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Satanistkyrkan vill ha 50 miljoner dollar i ersättning får att Netflix har framställt statyn och tron på ett felaktigt sätt.

The Satanic Temple hävdar att Netflix begått intrång i kyrkans upphovsrätt och att statyn Baphomet, framställs på ett felaktigt sätt i tv-serien.

In the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Sabrina Spellman attends The Academy of Unseen Arts, an educational institution for witches. While Sabrina and other characters interact in scenes, there are many shots of the alleged Baphomet statue in the background. It’s shown as a figure with a goat-like head, wings, and one finger up.

“Baphomet is a historical deity which has a complex history, having been associated with accusations of devil worship against the Knight Templar. Baphomet historically involved a goat’s head (sometimes known as the “Sabbatic Goat”) on a female body associated with Lilith, a figure from Jewish mysticism sometimes considered a goddess of the night,” said The Satanic Temple in the court filing.


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