En emoji utan hår, en avokado och en lama är de mest populära nya ikonerna, emoji, i iOS 12.1.

Det är siffror som Emojipedia har tagit fram ich den bygger på de ikonerna som används på Twitter.

I iOS 12.1 lanserades drygt 70 nya ikoner.

All statistics in this article have been gathered from this Twitter thread, with numbers tallied from October 30 2018 to November 7 2018.

The date range used means that an emoji such as the 🥯 Bagel—which had a lot of scrutiny in during the prior weeks—doesn’t necessarily show as high as it might have done had the same thread been posted during the iOS 12.1 beta period.

It’s also worth noting that while other platforms did roll these emojis out earlier than Apple, iOS is the only platform with a universally fast uptake of new emoji support, and thus it’s rare to see widespread use of new emojis until they are released on iOS.


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