ProtonMail, a Swiss-based end-to-end email encryption service, has announced the name of one of the attackers involved in the DDoS attackagainst the company earlier this year. Due to the attack, the email service of ProtonMail stopped responding for a minute several times despite having adequate mitigation measures in place.

The identified hacker, a teenager George Duke-Cohan, has been arrested by the National Crime Agency, UK. The hacker admitted to being a member of a criminal group Apophis Squad. Duke-Cohan is known by his online nicknames “DoubleParallax,” “7R1D3N7,” and “Optcz1.” He was amongst the most “vocal” members of the group that made headlines in 2018 several times for a number of DDoS attacks launched against websites including KrebsOnSecurity and

Källa: Teen arrested for DDoS attack on ProtonMail & making fake bomb threats

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