Marissa Martinelli: So, June, I understand that you are one of the freaks who is still playing Pokémon Go two whole years after its blockbuster launch. I’m glad to know I’m not alone! I was talking to one of our dear colleagues recently, and he was shocked—shocked—to hear that I, or anyone for that matter, still plays. Do you get similar reactions when people find out you are a Poképerson?

June Thomas: Absolutely! Other than you and a couple of Slate colleagues, everyone I know who is still playing is a middle-aged lesbian. (Then again, most people I know outside of Slate are middle-aged lesbians.) And while middle-aged lesbians are actually super-hip and happening (which is a term hip and happening people use all the time), we are not generally seen that way by people who are not themselves middle-aged lesbians. In other words, thanks for proving that young, hip, and happening people are still playing Pokémon. I am very glad that you are providing cover for us, Marissa.

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