Disney has won the battle for 21st Century Fox, with Comcast surrendering the field to Apple’s ally. Bringing to an end a bidding war between two of the world’s leading entertainment conglomerates, Comcast has announced that it’s giving up on purchasing the 21st Century Fox assets from News Corp., paving the way for the Walt Disney Company to buy them.

“Comcast does not intend to pursue further the acquisition of the Twenty-First Century Fox assets and, instead, will focus on our recommended offer for Sky,” Comcast CEO Brian Roberts said in a statement. “I’d like to congratulate Bob Iger and the team at Disney and commend the Murdoch family and Fox for creating such a desirable and respected company.”

Källa: Disney will acquire 21st Century Fox assets for $70B after Comcast dro

Mackens Fråga: Ska Apple delas upp?
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