Short documentary.

Noriaki has been a ski jumper as long as he can remember and has no plans of retiring. In the world’s biggest ski jumping hill, all his skills and experience will be tested.
Director: Bjørn Ståle Bratberg
Sound mixer: Sara Lima
Sound re-recording mixer/sound editor: Christopher Wilson
Editor: Herbert Hunger
Music by: Birger Clausen
Camera: Bjørn Ståle Bratberg, Ed Edwards, Rina Yang
Producer: Øivind Bratberg
Additional editor: Arild Tryggestad
Photographed on s16mm/super8mm/hd
Film devlopment, rushes and film scanning by Cinelab London.
Post produced at Goldcrest Post Production, London
Produced with support from Fond for lyd og bilde
Interview with Bjørn Bratberg about “Noriaki” from the IN THE PALACE festival, Bulgaria:

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