New survey shows the top reasons people didn’t upgrade to the iPhone 8 or iPhone X

A new analyst survey published today offers some insight as to what consumers are looking for in future generation iPhones. Piper Jaffray analyst Michael Olson shared the results of a survey he conducted with 1,500 people who did not recently purchase a new iPhone, finding three primary factors preventing those users from upgrading…

The survey, the results of which were shared by Barron’s, shows that the top reason those people haven’t recently upgraded is because their current iPhone “works just fine,” with 44 percent of people choosing that answer.

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Dejtingsajter anställer chattoperatörer

Mindre seriösa dejtingsajter anställer personal att chatta med medlemmar under falska identiteter. Det visar en granskning från SVT:s konsumentredaktion Plus.

Flera tittare har hört av sig till Plusredaktionen och misstänkt att något inte står rätt till på de dejtingsajter de anslutit sig till. En av dem är Robert Svensson, 70 år.
– Det kom in massor av svar från kvinnor, där medelåldern låg runt 25 år. De hade texter som var smickrande. Vissa skrev att de tyckte min bild var väldigt attraktiv och att min text var så fantastisk och fascinerande.

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Recognizing the Women Who Wove the Web

Women helped create web domains and bookmarks, a neglected history explored in Claire L. Evans’ new book “Broad Band.”
CLAIRE L. EVANS has discovered the solution to our social media woes: “Go back to BBS.” She means bulletin board systems, those grunge-era digital hangouts, like the Well and Echo, where users linked up based on mutual interests and supported one another. (So civilized.)

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Video: Second hand lovers

A modern day bachelor shares his apartment with the memory of all his past lovers put together. In his fantasy they all share a harmonious loving relationship, synced into one being. The fantasy falls apart when he meets a real woman and has to choose between the safety of daydreaming and the challenges of real love.
SECOND HAND LOVERS is the award winning 2nd installment in the BEDROOM TRILOGY, a visual adaptation of the BEDROOM CRIMES album.

Music by: Oren Lavie
Written and directed by: Oren Lavie
Choreography: Maya Brinner
Editor: Amichy Bikovsky
Actors: Daniella Wircer, Oren Lavie
Dancers: Roni Chadash, Tali Donin, Tamar Even-Chen, Noa Laner, Nitzan Moshe, Roni Rotem, Shahar Seri, Shani Tamari, Noa Tenne, Rotem Weissman
Produced by: Rachel Vaserman, Gal Nae
Production coordination/ project management : Iris Avital
Assistant director: Harel Itscovitch
Script editing/additional offline editing: Nadav Lazar
Art & Props: Maya Darnell
Post/compositing: Yaron Yashinsky
Color grading: Omri Peled
Digital conversation: Tomer Bahat
Titles: Siyou Tan
Cover single design: Yael Bodasher
Hair and Makeup: Riki Kamely, Shiran Cohen
Wardrobe: Rona Doron
Light: Fatian Ibrahim
Light Assistant: Daniel Binsted
Grip: Denis Nikolaev
Production manager: Nevo Jakobovitch
Production assistants: Itay Amiel, Or sia, Hagai Borer
1st Camera assistat: Avi siman Tov
1st Camera assistant: Nitzan Ronen
2nd Camera assistant: Tamar Ben Haim
Thank you: Roni Chadash, Nadav Lazar, Kama Sacajiu
Artist Management: Adham Hunt

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