Allvarlig bugg i Firefox

Allvarlig bugg i Firefox

Använder du Firefox så bör du kontrollera att du har en senaste versionen. En allvarlig bugg har hittats i webbläsaren och en uppdatering finns redan att ladda ned.

Buggen är allvarlig och den kan leda till att kod exekveras på/i en sårbar dator.

Mozilla has released a critical update for Firefox that repairs a security flaw that could have allowed hackers to run unauthorized code on a user’s PC.

The new release, fixes an issue with the browser’s interface code, part of which wasn’t properly sandboxed. This provided a possible point of access for malicious code to run on the host computer.

The vulnerability has been present in Firefox since version 56, which was released in September last year. There are no examples of it being exploited in the wild, but the potential threat led Mozilla to release a fix immediately.


Buggen finns i version 56 och tidigare så uppdatera snarast.

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