The Inksect

The Inksect

The Inksect


In a distopian world where books are banned and fossil fuels completely consumed, the ruling corporations confiscated all the books to burn them and generate energy. However, in New York City there is an underground group of ex scientists, writers and artists who remember the books and risk their lives to find and save them from being destroyed. They are are known as The Inksect, and this is the story of how Pikes, one of them, ends up finding something even more important than the books: paper and a pen.

Written & Directed by: Pablo Calvillo

Line Producer: Rachael Byrne

Executive Producer: Miguel Anaya

Pikes´ Voice: Fabrina Melon

Magnus Skagerlund, Ulises Virgen, Clay Osmus, Gabriel Calvillo, Hugo Vázquez, Alfonso Mancera

Jaewan Park, Carlos Mendieta, Christopher Hill

Javier Méndez Lafón, Guillermo Alvarez Ruiz, Leonardo Calvillo

David Camiro, Juan Carlos Navarro

Lighting & Comp:
David Rodíguez, Javier Méndez Lafón, Alberto Martínez

Juan Lazzarini, MEMOMA Estudio

3D Generalists:
César Mandujano, Alejandro Velázquez

Original Music:
Demian Cantilo

Sound Design:
Jaime Juárez

Sound Editing:
Enrique Fernández Tanco

Sound Engineer:
Pablo Ahmad

Sound Mix:
Alejandro de Icaza

Final Sound Mix:
Astro LX

General Manager:
Juan García

Marco Peña

Norma Chávez

Director of Photography:
Serguei Saldivar AMC

Jorge R. Gutiérrez

Production Team:
Ray Sinatra, Anders Ehrnberg, Raúl Ruiz, Laura Samudio

Graphic Design:
Leonardo Calvillo

Entera Postproducción S.A. de C.V., Ulises Jiménez, Pedro de la Garza, Lilia Cuevas Viche, Gustavo Torres, Ilse Fernanda Serdán

Color Correction:
Alejandro del Pilar

Orlando Peña, Estela Reyes Juárez

Rob Coleman, María González de Leoón, Romain Côte, Helena Masand, Mike Lyndon, Edwin Erdmanis, Moisés Crespo, Ricardo Gutiérrez, Mauricio Soto, Dante Pimentel, Dan Mazor

Special Thanks:
Jorge Calvillo Unna & Lorena Méndez Défossé
Byoung ho Kang

© Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía
Yuria Goded, Marilú Loaiza Molina, Adriana Sánchez Sánchez, Itzel Rentería



This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.