Kolla upp din Mac

Kolla upp din Mac

ClamXav – säkerhetsprogram för Mac OS X har uppdaterats till version 2.8.1. ClamXav är egentligen ett grafiskt skal för antivirus-sökmotorn ClamAV.

Även om det idag inte finns några datavirus för Mac OS X så kan det vara en god idé att kolla upp din dator – då och då. Det finns trojaner ochj andra skadliga program skrivna för Mac OS X, så det skadar aldrig att göra en kontroll.

What’s New

Version 2.12.1:
Improved support for users who have moved their home folder to a different disk
New notification system if we need to notify you of important information
– disable with expert pref ‘PreventMessageChecking’ (boolean)
Improved handling of errors in Regular Expression syntax
Distributing official ClamXav definitions over https
Improved handling of the global (override) preferences file
New expert pref to prevent users from stopping watching in Sentry:
PreventSentryStopWatching (boolean)
Added button in main window title bar showing how many days remain in free trial
displays just below the toolbar for users on OS X 10.10
Improved handling of malware that needs a restart for removal
Improved ability to delete some stubborn files
Improved handling of remote installation on macOS 10.12
Improved handling of GMail mailboxes in Apple Mail
Improved handling of virus definition updates when Internet connection is unavailable
Improved overall reliability
Fixed issue where an older 3rd party scanning engine might be used instead of the official one
Fixed issue where The All My Files item didn’t work in some older versions of OS X
Fixed issue where Sentry (running on OS X 10.6) sometimes scanned items on external volumes when it shouldn’t
Fixed issue where the scan log may not catch the very first system scan, the very first time you ever run ClamXav
Fixed issues installing the registration key
Updated Danish localisation
Updated copyright strings

OS X 10.6.8 or later