Allvarliga buggar i LastPass

Allvarliga buggar i LastPass

Använder du lösenords-lösningen LastPass så se till att uppdatera dina program och appar – omgående.

Nyligen så upptäcktes allvarliga och kritiska buggar i Lastpass – som nu åtgärdats vilket gör att du bör uppdatera.

Tavis Ormandy, a vulnerability researcher at Google, announced Tuesday that a vulnerability he’d found a day earlier in the Chrome and Firefox plug-ins for the LastPass password manager had been resolved. The vulnerability could have led to passwords being stolen, he said.

LastPass, which allows you to use one master password and keeps your individual passwords in what it calls its ”encrypted vault,” responded to Ormandy’s notice with a workaround. The company tweeted that it was working on a permanent fix.