Apple värvar från Spotify

Apple värvar från Spotify

Apple har värvat Spotifys Steve Savoca som kommer att ha samma roll inom Apple Music som hos Spotify och ansvara för kontakterna med olika skivbolag.

Steve Savoca Har jobbat inom Spotify med lite mindre skivbolag och med internationella bolag och det är Dendrolagus han har inom Apple Music också. 

Apple on Thursday confirmed the hiring of Steve Savoca, once in charge of Spotify’s label relations, as it looks to equip Apple Music and/or iTunes with a more competitive catalog.

Savoca signed on in January, a spokesperson told Business Insider. The site added that under his new bosses he will run Apple label relations from an office in New York, concentrating on independent labels, with a special focus on international markets.

The executive was with Spotify for over five years, but left in August. Prior to that he was the head of digital at Domino Records, and did marketing stints at music companies like Zomba, Jive, and London-Sire Records.