Apptipset: Vecko-kalender på låsskärmen med Week Calendar


Week Calendar är en widget som visar hela veckans kalender på låsskärmen.

Gratis idag 24/2-2021

Check your past, current and future calendar events from the widget without unlocking your device!!!
Get full calendar event details such as Location, attendees, notes and more from the widget. Skip unlocking your device and navigating to your calendar to see your future or past meetings.
A week calendar view is supported and fully customizable to your needs.

The widget includes:

․ Full Calendar event details (title, date, time, attendees, notes , location)
․ Day timeline
․ Week View timeline
․ Scroll through 24 hours
․ navigate through past or future days and weeks
․ Tap on event to open event details in widget or in device calendar
․ Handles complicated event overlapping
․ Assigns colors to events
․ Choose to show/hide any day of the week
․ Choose first day of week
․ Choose number of days to show in the widget
․ Control the height of the widget from setting

The app remembers the last screen the user was viewing or it can be configured to jump to today or current week.

Please try our ”Reminders widget” app that provides a nice widget for the built-in iOS reminders app.

More features will be added soon!
Please send us what you want! We will add it!

Week Calendar

Gratistipset: En stor klocka för Widgets för din iPhoine

Gratistipset: En stor klocka för Widgets för din iPhoine


Big Clock är precis just det – en stop klockas som widget.

Gratis idag 20/2-20201

Turn Your iPhone into Big Clock. Simple and beautiful Digital clock designed for Table Stand.

App includes Features:

· Clock Widget with seconds .

· Full Screen Digital Clock.

· Beautiful Gradient Themes.

· 24-12 hr Format.

· Calendar View.

and many other exciting features

Big Clock


Här är spelet som tar dig med till helt nya, okända platser

Här är spelet som tar dig med till helt nya, okända platser


Detta brädspel, Lost Cities, tar dig med till okända platser och städer. Du kan spela mot en vän, mot andra eller mot datormotståndare.

Spelet är gratis idag 19/2-2021

Lost Cities by the world-renowned board-game author Reiner Knizia takes you on a journey to undiscovered countries and mythical places. Compete against a friend, a stranger or one of 4 different computer players, in what has been called a ”two player Solitaire with an extra portion of suspense”. Designed and polished for the iPhone by TheCodingMonkeys, makers of Carcassonne for iOS.

• online matches against game center friends

• voice acted interactive tutorial

• comprehensive rules section

• 4 different AI players with emotions

• full-length atmospheric soundtrack

• a plethora of single- and multiplayer achievements

• fully playable via VoiceOver

Lost Cities

Gratistipset: Calcvier – Keyboard Calculator – tangentbordet som kalkylator


Calcvier – Keyboard Calculator är en kalkyltaor där du kan använda hela tangentbordet för att göra beräkningar med.

Gratis idag 18/2-2021

Calcvier numpad will turn your keyboard into Calculator!

Add calculator keyboard to make fast calculations anywhere. No need to switch between apps or use some widget, no need to copy and paste results!

To enable Calcvier on your device:

1) Open Settings app

2) Go to General > Keyboard > Keyboards

3) Tap Add New Keyboard…

4) Tap Calcvier

You can use Calcvier keyboard in any app such Notes, Mail, Safari, Messages and other!

Smart numpad in Calcvier. This keyboard is easy calculator

Calcvier – Keyboard Calculator

Gratistipset: Plex Media Server – för att bygga ditt eget nöjescenter


Plex Media Server är ett utmärkt alternativ för att bygga din egen mediadator hemma, för hemmabion, exempelvis.

Den här nya versionerna innehåller inrapporterade buggfixar och det saknas information om nya funktioner.

Plex Media Server seamlessly connects your Plex clients with all of your local and online media. The combination of centralized library management, streaming of online content, and powerful transcoding functionality provides an unrivaled level of flexibility and ease of use.
Plex Media Server runs on your Mac, PC, or compatible NAS device and serves your media to all of your Plex clients including Plex-enabled mobile devices and 2011 LG Smart TVs.


  • Add firewall exception for game transcoder.
  • Fix games not being copied over to app support.
  • Fix hang stopping game.
  • Bind analog triggers.
  • During library creation, kick off MAME core download.
  • During library creation, move over new skeleton core mapping file.
  • Exit if we fail to submit frames to Parsec.
  • Fix for crash in a few cores (e.g. mesen).
  • Fixed scaling with games which change resolution (e.g. Tekken 2).
  • Pass back better errors when game transcoder exits at start.
  • Redirect joypad to keyboard for MAME to fix e.g. Asteroids.
  • Restore default joystick saturation for MAME.
  • Return different errors codes when exiting so client has visibility.
  • Wait longer for game transcoder to start.


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.9 or later

Plex Media Server

Gratistipset: Safari Technology Preview – tjuvtitta på Safari

Gratistipset: Safari Technology Preview

Gratistipset: Safari Technology Preview

Safari Technology Preview är en förhandsversion av kommande Safari, Apples webbläsare, och det är en version som du kan prova tämligen riskfritt. Du kan nämligen installera den vid sidan av ordinarie Safari.

Så är du nyfiken så kan du ladda ned och ta dig en titt på eventuellt kommande funktioner i webbläsaren Safari.

Safari Technology Preview

Live on the forefront of web technologies with the stability and features of Safari.

What’s new in Safari Technology Preview

Version 14.2 (Release 120):Safari Technology Preview for macOS Catalina

Older versions

Safari 13.2 Preview (14610.1.10) (macOS 10.14)
Safari 13.1 Preview (15609.1.7) (macOS 10.15)
Safari 13.1 Preview (14609.1.7) (macOS 10.14)
Safari 13.1 Preview (15609.1.6.1) (macOS 10.15)
Safari 13.1 Preview (14609.1.6.1) (macOS 10.14)
Safari 13.1 Preview (15609.1.1) (macOS 10.15)
Safari 13.1 Preview (14609.1.1) (macOS 10.14)
Safari 13.0 Preview (15608.1.30.2) (macOS 10.15)
Safari 13.0 Preview (14608.1.30.2) (macOS 10.14)

Web Inspector
  • Elements
    • RTL content inside elements is reversed and unreadable
    • Font details sidebar panel
      • Improved line wrapping of table row titles
      • Updated fractional variation axis ranges and default values to not be rounded
      • Changed the “Historical Figures” section name to “Alternate Glyphs”
  • Sources
    • Allowed breakpoint actions to be evaluated as a user gesture
  • Console
    • Fixed bidi confusion when evaluation result has RTL text
  • Changed slow-scrolling reasons to not propagate across frame boundaries
  • Fixed scroll-chaining to trigger before the complete end of overscroll
  • Fixed scroll-padding to affect paging operations
  • Fixed scroll-snap points to be triggered during programmatic scroll
  • Complete list of changes can be found here