Gratistipset: IP Scanner – vilka är inloggade på ditt nät?

Gratistipset: IP Scanner – vilka är inloggade på ditt nät?

IP Scanner är ett program för din Mac för att hålla koll på ditt lokala nätverk. Vilka enheter som är uppkopplade, trafiken och en del andra saker.

Gratis för upptill sex enheter.

IP Scanner scans your local area network to determine the identity of all machines and Internet devices on the LAN. It was designed to allow you to customize your scan results; once a device has been identified, you may assign it a custom icon and name to more easily recognize it at a glance. Powerful results, yet easy and intuitive to use.

Other notable features
  • Sort network list by device name, IP address, MAC address or Last Seen
  • Get an overview of the current network or view changes over time in the ‘cumulative mode’
  • Highly configurable display – don’t need to see the MAC address column, then don’t display it! Text too small, then make it larger!
  • Double-click a device to obtain more information and to customize its appearance; assign custom icons based on MAC address or IP number
  • Add devices you know to a whitelist to better highlight new/unknown ones
  • Right-click a device to initiate Ping or port scans
  • Local network segments are scanned automatically; custom ranges may be added manually

If, when you launch the app, your browser is redirected to a German YouTube clip, it means you are using a pirated serial number! The app will still work, but consider buying a license at some point!
Note: IP Scanner is free to use on small networks (up to 6 devices) and $29.99 for larger networks. To purchase, go here.

What’s new in version 5.13

Updated on Sep 20 2023

  • Latest profiles
  • Shift-click to select multiple rows (new feature)
  • Import lists of manual hosts from external text file (new feature)
  • Bug fixes related to ‘last seen’ data in cumulative mode
IP Scanner
Gratistipset: Rectangle – styr dina fönster med tangentbordet

Gratistipset: Rectangle – styr dina fönster med tangentbordet

Öppna fönster, programfönster, dokument och liknande kan bilda en duktig röra i en Mac. Det är där Rectangle kommer in – ett gratisprogram för att styra fönster med ditt tangentbord.

Rectangle gör det möjligt att öppna, justera storleken för fönster – antingen med genvägar (tangentbordet) eller det som kallas “snap areas”. Programmet är gratis, Open Source och kan laddas ned nedan.

What’s new in version 0.71

Updated on Sep 18 2023

  • Bug fix for macOS v13.5+ where clicking in other applications table views was glitchy, notably in System Settings audio output selection.
  • Localization updates


Gratistipset: Vivaldi – alternativ webbläsare

Gratistipset: Vivaldi – alternativ webbläsare

Vivaldi är en browser, webbläsare, för dig med lite extra höga krav.

Vivaldi är av skapad av en av grundarna av Opera, en annan webbläsare, Jón S. von Tetzchner.

You spend a lot of time on the web. You deserve a browser that is personal, has the functionality you need and the flexibility you crave. You deserve Vivaldi so we made it for you. Enjoy!
Get an in-depth overview of your browsing habits, backed by statistics and visual data. With History more useful than ever before, you can quickly scan through visited websites and get helpful hints for finding old links.
Found that perfect quote for your essay or article? Copy that text to the notes panel, adding a link at the same time. Add a screen shot, just in case the page changes.


What’s new in version 2.0.1

Updated on Sep 11 2023

Note: Currently available for $12.51

  • Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.
Requirements for Vivaldi
  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.10 or later
Gratis är gott: Safari Technology Preview – tjuvtitta på Safari

Gratis är gott: Safari Technology Preview – tjuvtitta på Safari

Gratistipset: Safari Technology Preview

Gratistipset: Safari Technology Preview

Safari Technology Preview är en förhandsversion av kommande Safari, Apples webbläsare, och det är en version som du kan prova tämligen riskfritt. Du kan nämligen installera den vid sidan av ordinarie Safari.


Safari Technology Preview 178 Release Notes

Learn about the latest web technology updates in Safari Technology Preview: Web Inspector, CSS, Rendering, Popover, Media, JavaScript, Web API, Accessibility, and Apple Pay.
Overviewin page link

Safari Technology Preview Release 178 is now available for download for macOS Sonoma beta and macOS Ventura. If you already have Safari Technology Preview installed, you can update it in System Settings under General → Software Update.

This release includes WebKit changes between: 266624@main…267312@main.

Web Inspectorin page link
  • Added color palette with CSS variables in color picker (266794@main)
  • Moved the details sidebar to the bottom when Web Inspector is too narrow (266784@main)
CSSin page link
  • Implemented counter-set property (267137@main)
  • Fixed counter values to prevent them from overflowing or underflowing (266817@main)
  • Fixed <resolution> to not accept negative resolutions for @property (267134@main)
  • Fixed currentcolor to correctly inherit computed :visited style (267139@main)
  • Fixed color-mix() to respect :visited style to resolve “currentcolor” (267271@main)
  • Fixed baseline aligned flex items to also be aligned using their fallback alignment (267026@main)
  • Fixed border-image to fall back to the border property if the image is invalid (266749@main)
  • Fixed the scripting media query to never match initial-only (267198@main)
  • Fixed font-size-adjust toggling font sizes for system-ui font (266771@main)
  • Fixed :user-invalid and :user-valid interactions with form reset and submission (266702@main)
  • Added the support for mixed percentage and length/number arguments in CSS step functions (267072@main)
CSS Container Queriesin page link
  • Fixed container unit resolution to check if the selected container is eligible (267192@main)
  • Fixed container-name to use scoped names (267163@main)
  • Fixed container selection for container units in pseudo-elements (267197@main)
  • Fixed container query with font units to invalidate when the font changes (267258@main)
JavaScriptin page link
  • Enabled import attributes (266957@main)
  • Added support for Intl.NumberFormat’s FormatApproximately operation (266645@main)
  • Changed Intl.DurationFormat digital’s default from narrow to short (266891@main)
  • Fixed a positive look-behind RegExp with alternatives of different minimum lengths (266912@main)
  • Increased minimumFractionDigits and maximumFractionDigits limit from 20 to 100 (266879@main)
  • Updated Intl.DateTimeFormat’s to obtain options only once, matching spec changes (266868@main)
  • Updated Intl.NumberFormat and Intl.PluralRules roundingIncrement handling (267123@main)
SVGin page link
  • Added the missing default value translate for animateTransform (266758@main)
  • Fixed paint-order property to inherit (267002@main)
  • Fixed SVG filters to prevent them from leaking visited hyperlinks (266683@main)
Accessibilityin page link
  • Fixed an issue where innerHTML and innerText changes to labels did not update their corresponding input element’s accessibility title (266919@main)
Mediain page link
  • Added support for negative timestamps of TextTrackCue (267042@main)
  • Fixed vertical multiline WebVTT captions getting cut off (267162@main)
IntersectionObserverin page link
Web APIin page link
  • Enabled Fetch Priority by default (267196@main)
  • Enabled requestIdleCallback (267023@main, 266750@main)
  • Made event loop to execute idle callbacks at the end of each task (266877@main)
  • Enabled responsive images in <link rel=preload> (266787@main)
  • Added the change event for the Cookie Store API (266850@main)
  • Added more restrictions for top-frame navigations by a third-party iframe (266666@main)
  • Added support for from-image to ImageBitmapOptions (266893@main)
  • Changed navigable target names to _blank if they have dangling markup (267154@main)
  • Fixed ServiceWorkerRegistration data deletion (266882@main)
  • Fixed details element to use ToggleEvent for toggle events (267076@main)
  • Fixed SpeechSynthesisUtterance to not get GC’ed if there is a pending event (267161@main)
  • Added the support for key pair checks for Ed25519 in WebCrypto (267184@main)
  • Added basic support for SVGImageElement in createImageBitmap (267218@main)
  • Fixed <a> and <area> origin getters to return an empty string for non-parsable URLs (267222@main)
  • Fixed <a> and <area> protocol setters for non-parsable URLs (267265@main)
WebGLin page link
  • Fixed WebGL to not send a non-standard webglcontextchanged event (266861@main)
Gratistipset: Konst i din iPad, Art Authority

Gratistipset: Konst i din iPad, Art Authority

Art Authority är konst i din iPad – konstverk, utvalda för att betraktas i din iPad.

Appen är gratis idag 6/9-2023

“Best iPad Reference App” — App Store editorial team. Art Authority for iPad transports you to an enthralling, real-world art museum filled with works by over 1500 of the western world’s greatest artists, from ancient times to today. 100,000 paintings and sculptures, organized into eight period-specific rooms, each room a gateway to a whole museum’s worth of art. Choose an artist by movement or name, and become instantly immersed in an exhibition devoted just to that artist. Search for and compare different artists’ works by title, subject or location, or just wander at random and get lost in the art.

“An experience unlike any other” — The NY Times. Art Authority’s works are professionally framed and hung on textured walls, accompanied by title, date and other details. Works are displayed chronologically, with previews of related items providing added context. You can learn about an artist’s life and works, or travel beyond the bounds of a traditional museum and view and compare works in a full-screen slideshow or scrolling thumbnail display. You can see and understand the actual size of works through “Art Real Size,” and with “Art Like This” you can even view exhibits of similar works.

Does something really catch your eye? Purchase a museum-approved reproduction and take it home with you!

“Visually dazzling” — MacObserver. There are period overviews, timelines, histories and videos. From the earliest creative pieces to the latest modern and contemporary works, Art Authority provides a stunningly displayed, carefully selected, well organized view of the western art world. It’s part world-class art museum, part academic reference library and part digital coffee-table book. It’s also part magic. An art musem like no other!

Art Authority features include:

– Access to gigabytes worth of art optimized for quality and download speed through our servers (works still under copyright come from authorized servers)
– Early, Renaissance, Baroque, Romantic, Impressionist, Modern, Contemporary and American rooms
– Dozens of artists per room, listed by movement or nationality
– Period overviews, timelines and histories
– A searchable index of all 1500+ artists, as well as for each room
– Searchable indexes of major titles, subjects and locations
– Art Real Size: instantly see and understand the actual size of works
– Art Like This: view works similar to the one you’re looking at
– Art Near Me: search for art based on your location
– Shuffle: continuous random display of all art, or by period or genre
– Captions with work title, date, location and other details
– Hyperlinks provide access to in-depth information on artists, major works and locations
– Access to videos on hundreds of works
– Full-screen slideshow display, with user-settable transitions, Ken Burns motion effect, music
– Gallery-like, scrolling thumbnail view shows how works have evolved over time, aids in comparisons and exploration
– Offline access to works previously viewed
– Save works to Favorites or the Photos app
– Share works through social networks, mail and AirDrop
– Search for artists, locations, periods and previously viewed titles directly through SpotLight
– Purchase framed, museum-approved reproductions from

Also available for iPhone and Macintosh, and through Art Channel on Apple TV.

Art Authority