Apptipset: Finding.. – ett litet äventyr för alla åldrar

av | jul 30, 2022

Vackra animationer, ett lugnt spel utan våld som passar för alla åldrar – finding..

Spelet är gratis idag 0/7-2022

Welcome to Finding Yourself, the classical gameplay but fun. Finding Yourself has easy rule so it suitable for all ages! Above this, we made some innovation, which made Finding Yourself become more fun.

Finding Yourself tells us a story about a kid finds a flower. In his journey, he will experience many things and through many places. Of course, he can also enjoy the scenery along the way, the beautiful scenery!

In Finding Yourself, when you complete a level, you will get a very cool picture that you can use it as your phone’s wallpaper. Come on! Collect all cool pictures!


Classical gameplay

Suitable for all ages

Beautiful scenery

Cool pictures

Start to enjoy your journey! Enjoy now!


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