blankCalibre är ett program för att lösa, hantera och organisera dina e-böcker.

Calibre is a complete e-book library manager. Organize your collection, convert your books to multiple formats, and sync with all of your devices. Let Calibre be your multi-tasking digital librarian.

Manage, convert, sync, and more
  • Library management. Calibre keeps things orderly by creating single entries for books that contains multiple formats. Add tags and comments for better searchability.
  • Format conversion. Calibre’s robust conversion options support a wide variety of file formats.
  • File syncing. Calibre’s device drivers seamlessly support all the top e-readers and devices.

    Version 5.27.0:

    New features:
    • When adding markdown (.md) or textile (.textile) files that contain references to images, automatically add them as txtz with the images
    Bug fixes:
    • DOCX Output: Correctly convert soft hyphens in the input document to DOCX soft hyphens
    • DOCX Input: Fix a bookmark at the end of a paragraph causing the bookmark at the start of the paragraph to be skipped
    • Edit book: Spell check: Fix EPUB 3 nav document not being spell checked when not in the spine
    • PDF Output: Fix a rare failure when the input document has a ToC item pointing to the last page
    • Windows: Fix a regression in calibre 5 that caused drag and drop from WinZip to not work
    • TXT Output: Fix a regression in calibre 5 that caused the max line length option to not work
    • When auto converting added TXT files with image references to TXTZ use a full markdown parser to detect markdown images
    New news sources:
    • The Week by Kovid Goyal
    Improved news sources:
    • BBC News
    • Foreign Affairs



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