Pussla ihop hajar

Pussla ihop hajar

Shark Puzzles for Kids är precis det namnet säger – ett pussel

Gratis idag 2/5-2021

The silent and deadly hunters of the deep, sharks have a wonderous beauty. Enjoy this collection of puzzle built with professionally taken photos of sharks in seas around the world.

Carefully designed to be playable for everyone, Jigsaw Wonder puzzles allow you to customize each puzzle by choosing the number of pieces, background designs, and choosing hint options like piece outlines and background visibility.

Optional hints allow you to see the background and outlines of each piece. Plus, the place preview feature shows whoch slot you are hovering over so you can make sure it fits!

For a more traditional puzzle experience, turn on the background pattern and turn off piece outlines. Select 24 pieces for a real challenge!

Kids and adults of all ages will love this massive collection of orca jigsaw puzzles.

• Amazing photography of sharks in their native environment!
• Number of pieces range from 4 to 24 pieces for any puzzle
• Customize background and piece outline hints
• Place preview lets you see whoch slot you’re over
• Friendly and positive encouragement

Shark Puzzles for Kids