Det ser ut som gamla klassiska Space Invaders och det fungerar som gamla klassiska Space Invaders men det heter Galaxy och du kan spela det på din Apple Watch.

Galaxia är gratis idag – 27/4-2021

”Fun watch game that combines space invaders and Galaga. Cool game!!!!”

”A lot like the one for the arcade machine!!!”

GALAXIA – where Space Invaders meet Galaxian! This is the arcade game you have been waiting for on Apple Watch!

After successfully defeated the aliens on the moon, you are now going to face the alien fleets in space!


• Use digital crown or gesture to move spaceship and fire

• Some aliens can take extra hits before destroyed

• Spaceship can take 2 extra hits before destroyed

• Spaceship will be temporary invincible when hit

• Enjoy sound effects in the game!

• Companion game for iPhone


• Once downloaded to your iPhone, GALAXIA icon will appear on your Apple Watch’s home screen. Tap and enjoy!

• If you do not see the icon after waiting for a while, open the Apple Watch companion app on your iPhone, and scroll down through the My Watch section to check for GALAXIA icon, make sure “Show App on Apple Watch” is toggled on.

Galaxia 4

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