Lär dig mer om foto och bli en bättre fotograf, The Great Photo App.

The Great Photo App kostar 30 kronor i App Store och är gratis just nu (köp i app).

With Great Photo App, you will start learning photography by practicing: with the help of interactive lessons, you will gradually gain understanding of the foundations of the art of photography.
We will take you on the road to knowledge through the varied aspects of photo making with the help of easy to understand exercises. Just like a real friend, the app will point out your mistakes and praise your successes.
You will learn:
– What exposure is, how to select the right exposure, and what influences this.
– Aperture. Its full importance and all of its effects for your pictures.
– Shutter speed. You decide whether to freeze time or slow it down. We are giving you the key to understanding this process.
– ISO. Demonstration of how ISO affects exposure and image noise.
– Depth of field. Visual presentation of everyone’s favorite blurred background.
– Camera lenses. Study the difference between focal lengths by taking pictures of a beautiful model using a variety of lenses;
– White Balance; what is White Balance and color temperature and how to use it;
– Basics of studio light; what is the difference between rim light and fill light? How to correctly set up your first lighting scheme;
– Lighting setups for studio portraits; 10 core lighting setups for studio photograpy with datailed light source diagrams;
– Studio light: professional tool for choosing studio lighting setups;
– Studio portrait+: 18 more studio portrait lighting setups.

The Great Photo App

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