Så får du Kalendern lätt åtkomlig i menyn

Så får du Kalendern lätt åtkomlig i menyn

ItsyCal är ett litet tillägg till Apples Calendar/Kalender som lägger kalendern i menyn.


Itsycal is a tiny calendar for your menu bar. If you want, it will display your appointments and serve as a companion to the Mac Calendar app. You can move Itsycal in the menu bar just like the built-in Apple menu extras by holding down the Command key and dragging.

What’s new in Itsycal

Version 0.12.2:

  • There is a Help link that takes you to Itsycal’s Help webpage. It is located in the menu that pops up when you click the gear icon.
  • Itsycal defaults to using the first weekday that is conventional for your locale. This is Sunday in the US and Monday most other places. As before, this can be set explicitly in General Preferences.
  • All-day events are preceded with a small vertical bar instead of a dot to more quickly distinguish them.
  • Double-clicking on a day in the calendar will open, rather than a toggle, the New Event popover.
Requirements for Itsycal
  • Intel 64
  • macOS 10.14.0 or later


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