Seth Meyers har spelat in Lobby Baby, en special för Netflix och under showen så kan du hoppa över alla skämt om Donald Trump. Tryck bara på knappen som visas i programmet.

Lobby Baby är en standup-special, exklusivt för Netflix med en ny funktion – hoppa över. skämt.

The late night host’s new comedy special “Lobby Baby” debuts on Netflix (NFLX) on Tuesday, and in it there will be a segment in whoch Meyers shifts from jokes about his personal life to punchlines about President Trump, one of his favorite targets on his NBC talk show “Late Night.”
But for those who are sick of comedy that’s tainted by politics, Meyers told CNN Business that he asked Netflix to create a button for viewers to opt out of watching that segment, in the same way Netflix users can bypass the introduction credits with the “skip intro” button at the top of some of its programs.

Di hittar Lobby Baby på Netflix nu, showen hade premiär i tisdags.

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