DetectX hittar ovälkomna filer

DetectX hittar ovälkomna filer

DetectX är ett program för att hitta dolda filer som tillhör malware och program som du inte vill ha i dina Mac.

Programmet är gratis för privat bruk.

DetectX is the troubleshooting tool for your Mac. The only troubleshooting app that runs on every version of OS X from 2011 to present and that allows you to:

Fix problems: – Use the Detector View to find and trash the hidden and not-so-hidden files belonging to apps and processes that can be responsible for performance problems. There are generally three categories of things the Detector searches for: commercial apps with hidden executables, adware and keyloggers.
Stay Informed: – DetectX warns you when 3rd party applications, processes or files are added or removed to crucial areas of your mac that may impact performance. The Inspector runs automatically on launch and whenever you manually use the ‘Record’ function in the Inspector View.
Analyse and Diagnose: – The History View keeps logs of all the Inspector’s runs and allows you or a technical adviser to analyse and diagnose what changes occurred on your mac. For convenience, you can review all logs, individual logs or just a list of changes.
Note: DetectX 2 suggests a $15 license purchase on start-up. Commercial and Institutional users are required to buy a commercial-use license.

What’s new in DetectX Swift

Version 1.093:

  • Internal search criteria updated
  • Adware search heuristics updated
  • Malware search heuristics updated
  • A bug was addressed that could prevent DetectX from removing some items even when it had the correct privileges to do so.
  • The CLI tool now knows better than to try and run a SHA checksum on a directory and has promised to refrain from doing so in future.
  • The ’Update available’ notification and button in the UI has been made more salient.
Requirements for DetectX Swift
  • OS X 10.11.0 or later