Krita är ett ritprogram för din Mac. Programmet har ett skal, ett utseende som har samma organisation och struktur, och faktisk också många av de stora programmens verktyg.

Krita är ett väl utbyggt program som är ett utmärkt alternativ för dig som vill ruta, skissa och skapa illustrationer. Det är helt gratis för macOS.

What’s New in Krita

Version 4.2.5:

  • Fix an assert in the transform tool when working with a tablet and touch
  • Fix continued transformation in the transform tool
  • Fix updates in the transform tool
  • Show the publication time in the welcome page news ticker in the user’s preferred short date/time format
  • Fix using the tangent-normal brush when the canvas is rotated or mirrored (BUG:404408)
  • Make it possible again to create new palettes and save them in the resource folder, instead of the current document (BUG:410137)
  • Make Krita not gobble up all available memory when loading a JPG file with specific metadata (BUG:410242)
  • Constrain assistant editors to the viewport, so they can always be manipulated
  • Make sure Krita stores changes to brush presets in the current session by default (BUG:410463)
  • Remove an assert that could be triggered when opening the first image in a session
  • Update the version of the default input settings profile, so the rotate/zoom action will be activated even if the user already had a local kritadefault.profile file
  • Fix a crash on using the move tool while the image is being opened (BUG:398968)
  • Make sure the painting tools don’t block anymore (BUG:409968,408826,409275)
  • Make the shortcut handling system more tolerant when shortcuts overlap (BUG:409968)
  • Fix a crash in the transform tool
  • Make the transform tool and the move tool more responsive
Requirements for Krita
  • Intel, 64-bit processor

  • macOS 10.12 or later


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