Synkronisera mera med Chronosync

Synkronisera mera med Chronosync

Apples iCloud är en utmärkt tjänst för att synkronisera information mellan dina Mac-datorer men den täcker inte allt – Mail, iCal, Addressbook och några fler program och funktioner kan du synlkronisera – men inte allt.

Ska du synkronisera annan information så är en smidig lösning programmet Chronosync.

Chronosync är ett mycket enkelt program att konfigurera. Du klickar dig fram till det som ska synkroniseras – du klickar dig fram dit informationen ska, sparar och sedan är det klart.


Du väljer alltså den folder där informationen finns och sedan dit informationen ska. Förslagsvis sparar du sedan din synkning med ett lätt indentifierbart namn (Firefox, iTunes).

Nästa steg är att samla dina synkningar i en synkronisering – en container. Det är en lista, en samling på de synkroniseringar som du har sparat. Sen är det klart.


Du kan köra en container eller en synkronisering manuellt, atomatiskt eller så snart en enhet ansluts – det väljer du.

Chronosync är det program jag använder för kompletterande synkroniseringar och ett tag var det ett program som kördes dagligen, morgon och kväll. Numera behöver jag det inte riktigt lika ofta men det finns kvar i min Mac och det gör fortfarande stor nytta.

What’s New in ChronoSync

Version 4.9.1:UI Changes:

  • Task naming fields in all of the Assistants are now wider and no longer word wrap.


  • Added logic that tests if a disk image’s parent volume resides on an SSD, in which case the disk image itself is denoted as an SSD. This affects the parallel file copying logic.
  • Added logic to cleanup an extended attribute that may have been applied to the user’s home folder as part of a long-ago abandoned licensing scheme.
  • When ChronoAgent connections are establish, information about the nature of the connection is sent to the ChronoAgent much earlier in the connection process.
  • The Validator will no longer include ‘Type/Creator Codes’ in its Recommended Settings if either target is an InterConneX sharespace, but only if InterConneX is less than v1.3.0.
  • It is now less likely to timeout when un-mounting volumes or mounting disk images over a ChronoAgent or “Admin Access” connection.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that could raise an exception when opening or interacting with a Container Task Document on macOS 10.11.x.
  • Fixed a bug whereby Finder Tags attached to files were not being decoded into a format that the Finder Tags rule could understand. Thus the rule always failed to detect specific flags.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause folder enumeration errors on a mounted disk image over a remote ChronoAgent connection if the disk image was APFS formatted and stored on an HFS file system.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the Disk Image, Arbitrary Folder and Multiple Folders Assistants were not properly enabling the “Don’t create empty folders” setting of the generate sync tasks(s) if document-type filtering was enabled.
  • Fixed a bug whereby all the Modifier Assistants would wipe out any custom tags assigned to sync task documents that were modified.
  • Fixed a bug whereby you could not target a sub-folder in an InterConneX sharespace.
  • Fixed a bug whereby restoring from the archive to a custom folder wasn’t working if the archive’s target connected to anything but “Mounted Volumes.”
  • Fixed a bug whereby file copy operations and attribute-only copy operations were not responding to certain file system errors the same way.
  • Fixed a bug whereby having ‘Strict Volume Identification’ OFF was not working for locally attached devices.
  • Fixed a bug whereby losing connection to a target’s remote file manager before a target path had been specified would make it impossible to reconnect to the remote file manager.
  • Fixed a bug whereby if creating a bootable backup to a remotely mounted, APFS formatted disk image over a ChronoAgent connection, if any of the device identifiers for the Preboot or Recovery volumes on the remote disk image happened to be the same as the Preboot/Recovery volumes on the source volume, ChronoSync would become confused and generate an error.
  • Fixed a bug whereby if creating a bootable backup to an APFS formatted disk image, it was possible for ChronoSync to report that it could not create the Preboot and/or Recovery volumes even though it had successfully done so.
  • Fixed a bug whereby files denoted as aliases by older, Carbon and pre-Carbon era software were susceptible to not being correctly identified as aliases.
  • Fixed a bug that could result in the improper identification of target volumes if there was more than one locally mounted volume that shared the same unique volume identifier.
  • Fixed a bug whereby certain kinds of pre- and post- sync AppleScript would not execute properly.

Requirements for ChronoSync

  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.11 or later


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