Vill du förvandla dina Hue-lampor till en ljusorgel som blinkar i takt med den musik som du spelar? Då är det LightSync du letar efter.

LightSyncär dessutom helt gratis, utan reklam så det är en app att testa om du vill få musik och ljus i syn.

You have invited your friends to your house to throw a party but it’s lame? With Lightsync this will never happen again. Just play your favorite song, open Lightsync and all your Philips Hue lights will change color and brightness to the beat blazingly fast.

Or you just want to relax. Open Lightsync, turn down the intensity and enjoy the lights slowly changing color to the beat.

Your flatmate wants to sleep but you want to enjoy the lights reacting to the beat? No problem. Just disable the lights in his room without interrupting the party.

What you need:

– Apple Music or a Spotify account (free or premium)

– A Philips Hue Bridge (

Why should you use this app?

– It synchronizes your lights to your music playback in real time

– It lets you choose the synchronization intensity and features an automatic mode.

– Change which lights should react to the music without interrupting the party

– It synchronizes your screen with your lights

– It’s completely free

Light Sync