Gratistipset: Hitta flaskhalsarna

Gratistipset: Hitta flaskhalsarna

WhatRoute är programmet du ska plocka fram och starta upp när en hemsida inte svarar eller när en tjänst inte vill vara med. WhatRoute kartlägger flaskhalsar och stopp.

Programmet listar alla anslutningspunkter, alla servrar som trafiken passerar och finns det ett stopp så ser du det och finns det ett system som svarar långsammare så ser du det också. Programmet är gratis.

WhatRoute is a network diagnostic utility designed for Apple Macintosh computers. Primarily it provides a Traceroute function, but can also perform Ping, Domain Name Service queries, Whois queries and monitor the traffic to and from your computer. The software also uses a Geo-Location service to provide a geographical view of the paths that packets from your computer take as they traverse the Internet. These results may be passed to Google Earth for higher resolution display.

What’s New in WhatRoute

Version 2.2.1:

  • Add ‘Commands’ menu to flush ARP cache, DNS cache, Flows cache.
  • Flow Monitor – Filter Multicast and Link Local addresses.
  • DNS Lookup – short cut items for ADSP, DMARC and DomainKey sub-types.
Bugs Fixed:
  • Restore windows to correct display when using multiple displays.
  • Local Hosts – Show IPv6 address.

Requirements for WhatRoute

  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.10 or later


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