Facebook drogs in i en ny skandal i genomsnitt  var 12:e dag under 2018. Åter har varit en tuff prövning för den sociala mediajätten.

Facebooks skandaler exkalerade I Cambridge Analytica-skandalen där det visade sig att Facebook int hade kontroll över den information de samlat in och inte heller över sina egna verktyg för att analysera samma information.

As the months progressed, Facebook turned into a hydra, with new scandals sprouting almost weekly. Its stock price tanked, and internal morale plummeted. Twelve months later, Facebook has certainly changed, but it’s hardly fixed. In 2018, the social giant juggled so many crises, you probably forgot half of them.


CNN har girt en tidslinje över alla skandalerna och alla ursäkterna som Facebook tvingades till under året.


If you thought 2018 was tough for you, imagine being a staffer in Facebook’s public relations department. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg began the year by pledging to fix the company’s problems, but instead 2018 turned into 12 months of mea culpas, self-inflicted scandals, and screwups. “This has been a challenging time,” a Facebook spokesperson told BuzzFeed News for a story detailing internal infighting and finger-pointing. “But we are more determined than ever to continue making progress on the issues we’ve faced.” Fair enough!