Gratistipset: Hjälp Luca att samla in alla stjärnor

Gratistipset: Hjälp Luca att samla in alla stjärnor

Little Luca handlar om stjärnor, fysik och är ett spel för de yngre och de med barnasinnet kvar.

Du ska samla in stjärnor genom att spika en boll på olika underlag.

Gratis Judah 11/11.

The stars are missing! Little Luca needs your help to collect them and restore the night sky.

Luca had a dream once – that the stars in the sky suddenly fell. The stars spread all over the world. Deep into the oceans, high up the hills and all across space. It’s your job to get the stars back! Bounce on the wobbly hills, get thrown in the wind, launch from strange gravity wells and zap across the screen through mysterious portals. But most of all look out for the dangerous volcanoes in the deep oceans!

• Simple and skillful one touch controls (it’s all about timing)
• 90 lovingly designed levels in 3 unique worlds.
• Amazing music with 5 different tracks (+ a hidden bonus track)
• Compare scores with the Game Center enabled leaderboards
• Buy now and get free updates with more levels, music and worlds
• Game Center achievements!

Design & Art: Björn Wissing
Design & Code: Rikard Wissing
Audio: Staffan Nilsson

Little Luca